Dear Colleagues:

Please find attached an organizational sign-on letter opposing the pending introduction of a new genetically engineered corn resistant to the dangerous and antiquated herbicide 2,4-D.

2,4-D corn is a very bad idea. This new GE corn will drive up use of the dangerous weedkiller 2,4-D which has been linked to cancer, birth defects, hormone disruption and developmental and reproductive problems; children’s health will especially be at risk. Because it drifts far and wide, farms will be contaminated, many non-GE farmers (conventional and organic alike) will lose their crops, while endangered species in adjacent ecosystems can be harmed. Despite all this, its manufacturer - one of the Big Six giant pesticide/biotech companies, Dow AgroSciences - is determined to push it into US markets.

The USDA’s public comment period closes on April 27th. We’re requesting signers (organizations only, please) toreply by COB Monday, April 23rd. If some organizations need a little more time, we can accept signers until Wednesday the 25th at the latest.

Please email Heather Whitehead of Center for Food Safety with your sign-on or any questions you have:

Thank you for your consideration. Please excuse any missing signers here as the list in the attached letter may not be the most up-to-date, and many thanks to those of you who have already signed.

In solidarity,
Marcia Ishii-Eiteman
Pesticide Action Network

A bit more information: 
2,4-D corn is the first in a pipeline of deadly “next generation” herbicide-tolerant crops that Big 6 pesticide/biotech companies are planning to bring to market over the next couple of years. These new crops are designed to be used with more, older and toxic weedkillers, in a deadly chemical arms race that we can’t win.

Simply put, 2,4-D corn is a very bad idea. This new GE crop will drive up massive increases in use of 2,4-D, an extremely dangerous herbicide that has been linked to cancer, birth defects and other reproductive, developmental and hormonal harms. Children are particularly susceptible to its effects. It also drifts far and wide, and is highly toxic to fruit and vegetable crops - in fact, to nearly all food crops. If farms get drifted on (as they inevitably will), conventional farmerswill lose their crops whileorganic farmerswill lose both crops and certification. That’s why already 2,000 farmers and food companies have joined the Save Our Crops Coalition to urge USDA to reject Dow’s application to market these dangerous crops.

Please join us in sending a strong message to USDA that we want off the pesticide-GE treadmill; we don’t want the dangerous weedkiller 2,4-D poisoning our farms and our communities, and we reject Dow’s bid to drive up its profits by pushing this unwanted product onto our markets.

Download the letter

Initial list of organizations signing:
Center for Food Safety
Center for Technology Assessment
Food and Water Watch
Food Democracy Now!
Natural Resources Defense Council
Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility
Organic Consumers Association
Organic Farming Research Foundation
Organic Seed Alliance Pesticide Action Network

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
Eden Foods, Inc.